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As you already know, to play Yamb, single or in pairs, you need certain amount of tokens. Yamb online offers two kinds of tokens:
  1. Silver tokens
  2. Gold tokens
1. Silver tokens are free, assigned by system every day at 12a.m. and you can use them next 24 hours since the moment our system assigns them to you. Tomorrow, at the same time, our system will reset these tokens on the amount of 40*, for regular users, or 90* silver tokens for Premium users.
*The only exception are our, so called Welcome tokens, which are assigned to every new registered user. That means that every new user gets 100 free tokens by creating his/her account, so he/she can get to know our application better, and experience and understand all the rules of this game. These tokens last 24 hours too, and after that period, user can expect certain amount of silver tokens we mentioned before, depending on user status (regular or premium user)

2. Golden tokens are not free, and these tokens last until you spend them playing Yamb. There are a few ways you can earn these tokens:
  1. Buy tokens (you have to be registered first)
  2. Each day when you Sign in for a first time, you'll get additional 5 tokens
  3. Each time when you take one of the first 3 highest scores in daily tournamet, you'll get 100, 50 or 25 bonus tokens
  4. Each time when you beat your rival in Pairs, you'll get additional 10 bonus tokens. Keep in mind that you'll get the bonus only if you play game to its end.
* Yamb online reserves the right to change amount of tokens, with no obligation to inform all the users first.

All you need is to buy one of (Golden) Packages we offer.
That means that you can become Premium user for only 2 euros per month!

Since the moment you become our Premium usrer, you’ll start getting the amount of 90 free silver tokens every day, next 15 days. To use this benefit after this period (15 days), you’ll need to renew your Premium user status.
Note – Premium users leave off unfinished game rarely then regular users.

This is almost impossible. Jamb online has many levels of checking with the intention to avoid any situation that could cause harm to our users. We got many emails with this question, but except in one case, free tokens were always assigned to registered players correctly. Although the probability of this situation is low, if you think that happened to you, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to check, so we could be 100% sure.

You should check, maybe you lost your Premium user status, which should be renewed after every 15 days. You can renew your Premium user status buying one of offered token packages.